Virtual Audio Guestbook

  • Our Virtual Audio Guestbook Add-on lets your guests dial-in from anywhere in North America to leave you a message. After booking, you’ll be provided a phone number to share with guests who are tuning in remotely. Call the number then enter your custom event code to hear your custom greeting (if chosen), wait for the beep, say what’s on your mind, and hang up. It’s that easy! All of the recordings will be uploaded after your event along with the recordings from The Audio Guestbook™ phone for you to listen/share/download and cherish for years to come.
    • Uses the same voicemail greeting when rented together with The Audio Guestbook™ Phone (Custom or a default greeting)
    • Unlimited audio messages up to 2.5 Minutes long each
    • Messages can be turned into a Custom Vinyl Record (if ordered)
    • Mp4 Waveform Ready (with MP4 Waveform add-on from Audio Guestbook Phone rental page)


    Want to give our virtual audio guestbook line a spin? Call +1 855-934-3556 and enter event code 9009 when prompted to leave us a voicemail 🙂

    (Toll-free across North America)