Audio Guestbook Instructions

Thanks so much for choosing to rent from us! We hope you are psyched to receive your audio guestbook phone and we want to make sure your experience the best it can be. 

To ensure you are fully prepared, please reference this page for everything you need to know from the time your phone arrives to what to do after your event is over. If you stumbled across this page but haven’t rented yet, then the first step is to Rent an Audio Guestbook!



Once everything ships, you’ll receive an email notification with your order and tracking info. You can track your shipment live from our site to see the latest status anytime.

A signature may be required for delivery, so keep an eye out on the status updates.

Note: The box your phone is shipped in may look a little loved – we try to reduce our waste and re-use where possible, but rest assured, everything is safe and sound inside. We decommission and recycle our old boxes when they are no longer structurally sound.

After Your Phone Arrives

To open, carefully cut the label securing the box. Gently pull the front flap from both sides. Inside, you’ll find your audio guestbook phone, wall charger, (optional) battery pack, return label, blank label (to secure the box), and an instruction guide. Make sure to keep everything inside the box where it won’t be lost or damaged. Your phone will be inside a reusable plastic bag to keep any packing material out, so make sure to save this too.

IMPORTANT: We thoroughly test out everything multiple times before shipping your phone. However, sometimes technology has a mind of its own or damage can occur during shipping. Please test the phone following the printed instructions as soon as you receive everything. If you don’t hear your voicemail play during testing, contact us so we can help resolve the issue.

If we don’t know something is wrong, then we can’t help.

If the voicemail plays successfully, then you are all set to go!



Safe Shutdown: Make sure to safely shut down the phone before unplugging it from the wall or battery each time. To perform a safe shutdown, hold the glowing button underneath the phone for 3 seconds. Once both the white light and the colored button light turn off, it is safe to unplug.

Day-of Your Event

If you haven’t already done so, you can customize and print your free custom audio guestbook sign to help guests know what to do.


We recommend placing the phone in a well-trafficked, but somewhat quiet area, away from any speakers or loud nearby music. Our phones are dialed in to optimize recording of voices, and limit background noise, but if you place your phone in front of a speaker, you’re likely not going get great recordings.

Make sure to unravel the wrapped power cable completely to reduce feedback/static into the audio recordings. Let the extra hang behind your table or hide the battery behind your welcome sign!


Once you choose your final location, be sure to follow the setup instructions one last time to ensure everything is working properly.

After Your Event

Everything will need to be dropped off within five days of your rental start date to avoid extended rental fees. Your box includes everything you need for an effortless return.

(The following instructions are also printed and included inside your box)

1) Please make sure all provided items are accounted for (phone inside bag, battery inside zipped bag, wall usb-c charger cube & packing materials), and that everything is packed the same way as when it arrived. Cover with half of packing material, followed by the laminated instructions page. Everything should be snug when closed.

2) Stick your included return-label over the original shipping label. Stick the blank label over the previously cut label on the front edge of the box – This will secure the box flap closed and eliminate the need for any additional tape, to ensure safe return of your phone.

3) Drop off at your nearest UPS location. (Make sure to save your drop-off receipt as proof of return in the event of carrier delays, or a lost shipment).


Tip: If this is for your wedding, and you are headed off to your honeymoon the next day, we recommend designating a trusted friend/family member to take care of the return. Make sure to share this link with them so they know just what to expect and can complete the return successfully.

Once we receive your audio guestbook back safe and sound, we’ll begin processing your messages. You’ll get an email when everything is ready with a private link to download all of your messages (and optional mp4 files). The link will be valid for 60 days, after which time it will be permanently deleted, so please make sure to download them as soon as you can!


If you ordered a Custom Vinyl Record, please allow 2-5 weeks from when we receive your phone, to process and ship those your way.

Need Assistance?

If you need any help at all, feel free to reach out to us at +1 (888) 574-6860. Your rental includes free support the day-of your event, and we are always happy to help outside of that whenever we are available.

If we don’t answer right away, just shoot us text or leave a quick message letting us know who you are and we’ll return your call promptly.