Audio Guestbook Rental FAQs

An Audio Guestbook Phone is a special phone that can be used to record messages from loved ones live at your event. Rather than a video guestbook, an audio guestbook lets your guests be themselves leaving room for more candid conversations and messages that will be worth listening to over and over again. 

The Audio Guestbook™ Phone is offered at a super affordable rate, with most dates starting at just $329 for an all-inclusive rental with two-way shipping included. You can see instant pricing and even rent instantly online by entering your dates and preferred options on our rental page.

Nope, we cut the phone cords! Our Audio Guestbook phone runs completely on its own, no phone outlet required. The only thing you need is nearby power or add the optional battery pack for more flexibility and setup anywhere! 

We made no compromises at all when we created The Audio Guestbook phone. And while nearly every aspect of our experience is leagues ahead of any other audio guestbook phone out there, here are a few things that really set us apart:

  • Better recording quality. We fine tune our mics for optimal recording, giving you files that are easy to listen back to, without the need for noise reduction software that clips and distorts your guests voices.
  • Custom greeting message. When your guests pick up the phone, they'll hear your voice (if you want) on your custom voicemail greeting before prompting them to leave a message.
  • Unlimited recordings. You also get 4 days to use it! Since our phone can be powered by any wall outlet, in addition to the battery, you have a lot more options for multi-day or lengthier events.
  • The best pricing! (and total transparency). We don't make you wait a few days for a quote. Just plug in your dates to our live rental calendar and reserve instantly online.
  • Much faster turnaround. On average, our audio messages are delivered digitally within 48 hours of receiving the phone back in our possession. This means 3-4 less weeks of waiting to listen to those precious memories!
  • Last but not least is our stellar customer service. Call, Email, or Chat with us when it's convenient!

Unfortunately, After the Tone requires you to request a quote and wait potentially weeks before receiving pricing. Unlike After the Tone, all of our pricing is 100% transparent with audio guestbook rentals starting at just $329. No quote required.

Our vintage style Audio Guestbook Phone is perfect for all sorts of occasions and events.


Weddings: Use it at your wedding to let guests leave their well-wishes for the lovely couple.


Funeral/Memorial: Use it at a celebration of life, funeral, or memorial service to honor your loved ones and give guests a chance to say goodbye, leaving you with beautiful memories to cherish for life.


Custom Activation: Use it for honest feedback from guests, or for a custom activation where secrets can be discreetly shared "confessional" style.


However you decide to use it, it is sure to be a hit and will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The Video Waveform Mp4 is a video clip created in addition to the guest audio message. The way it works is we set your custom photo as the background image, and a visual audio waveform shows live as the guest message is played back. This makes for a fun, social-media friendly clip that you can share with family and friends afterwards. You can check out some examples of this here: Waveform Mp4 Messages

One of the best parts about our Audio Guestbook is the ability to use it anywhere with our optional battery-pack. Depending on your needs, our standard battery-powered option will last you around 8-10 hours, making it perfect for any event and every location. Note: The battery pack still needs to be plugged into the phone via the phone's power cable.

Absolutely! Our Audio Guestbook can be rented per event, daily, and longer-term to fit your specific needs. Inquire now to get a custom quote for your Audio Guestbook rental. We can even help with custom activations. Imagine having an actual phone booth where guests can receive a secret, pre-recorded message speakeasy style. Or guests can share a story or their secret for the world to hear anonymously. If you can imagine it, we'll make it happen!

It's simple.

  1. Guests pick up the phone and hear a custom pre-recorded message.
  2. Guests leave their thoughts/rants/story/message, up to two and a half minutes in length, and then hang up.
  3. After your event, you'll get a private link with all of your audio files to download or use however you wish.

Yes! We can ship anywhere in the U.S. and can even help with your wedding or event abroad in some cases.

For events outside the U.S. just let us know the exact location, and we'll get you a quote.

Yes! Pick from a variety of colors to suite your style. Want something completely custom made just for you? We've got you covered, just drops us a line and let us know what you're looking for.

Each guest audio recording will last up to 2.5 minutes in length, which gives even the chattiest Cathy's the chance to spill the beans. As soon as the phone is hung up, it's ready to re-record again.

We focus on providing top notch quality in all we do, and our Audio Guestbook is no exception. From super simple 1-step setup (just plug in and you're ready!), to a customized voicemail message/greeting guests hear, and even an ultra-shareable mp4 waveform clip afterwards. It doesn't get easier or more fun than this! In addition to the "basics" we've designed our Audio Guestbook in-house from the ground up to ensure the best possible recording quality and safeguards like automatic message backup, and safe-shutdown features to keep your messages from getting lost. We even have a lengthy 2.5 minute recording time, and can customize things even further for a special event or activation.


Tip: Some other providers offer an "audio guestbook" to rent, when in reality, it's just a dummy phone with a bulky audio recorder stuck on it or placed nearby. This results in less-than stellar audio (since it has to record from further away) and takes away from the aesthetic and authenticity of an actual vintage phone. 


Want more proof? Listen to some messages recorded from our Audio Guestbook.

Returns are easy! Use the pre-printed, prepaid return label found inside your box. Make sure everything is packed back inside, following the guidelines and photos in the instruction sheet. Drop off at any UPS store for fast, convenient returns.

P.S. You have four days from your event date to return the phone. Hold on to your return receipt for proof of shipment in the event of a lost delivery.

Yes! Our Virtual Audio Guestbook solution is the perfect add-on to your audio guestbook rental when you have friends or family members that can't make it in person. They hear the same greeting when calling in, and afterwards, we'll combine your virtual voicemails with all of your in-person ones, so it's like they were there all along. 

Yes! You'll need to have a U.S. address to receive/send the phone from, or you can coordinate with one of your guests or planners to be the designated point of contact for receiving and shipping the phone back. Please note that the person receiving the phone will be listed as the responsible financial party. There may be additional rental charges for the extended use period needed for international travel.

You are able to use the Audio Guestbook virtually anywhere, but outdoors has a few additional considerations.

The skies should be clear with absolutely zero chance of rain in the forecast, or the phone will need to be completely covered overhead. A few drops can fry the system and leave you with a hefty replacement bill.

Additionally, the phone should always be shaded, and shouldn't be used in temperatures above 90F. High temps can cause the internal computer to overheat and will prevent it from working.

  1. When you receive your audio guestbook phone, make sure to test everything out to ensure your recorded voicemail plays, meaning everything is working!
  2. Find a setup location that is highly trafficked (on a table by the bar, at the welcome/gift table, etc).
  3. Avoid placing the phone near any speakers or in the direct line of your DJ/Band to avoid heavy background noise/music.
  4. Make sure to print out your provided guest signage/instructions to help people know what to do!
  5. With the battery-powered option, you can easily move the phone from one location to the next, meaning you can have it setup for cocktail hour, then move it to your ballroom for reception to ensure you get the most visibility and use.
  6. Before unplugging the phone, make sure to push the lighted power button underneath for 2 seconds and wait for all lights to turn off.  This ensures a proper shutdown to keep your messages safe!


Want more tips? Check out our post on how to get the most out of your audio guestbook rental.

Need to update your shipping address or message recording on an existing order? Just shoot us an email with the details to [email protected] and we'll get it updated!

Make sure to do this at least 2+ weeks before your event date.