Messages on Vinyl

Looking for a nostalgic way to listen to all of your Audio Guestbook messages? Then look no further! Our Messages on Vinyl add-on is the perfect addition to your rental and will give you a hard copy on 12-in vinyl, for easy playback of all your audio messages.


Each vinyl record holds 20-23 minutes of messages, per side, which will cover majority of events (for even the chattiest guests). However, in the rare occasion that it is not enough room, we’ll inform you before starting production to see if you’d like to add a second vinyl, or just fit what we can. Production time is 4-7 weeks after we receive your phone back.

(Note: Due to the way single-run vinyl is produced, some amount of skipping is to be expected and will vary greatly depending on the quality of your record player)

For our standard album cover design (pictured above), please let us know the name(s), date(s) or text to be added on the front cover. If uploading a custom album cover, just type “NA” in the field below. (Our “Greatest Hits” Rear Cover pictured above will be used unless a custom cover image is uploaded).

Custom Designed Album Covers

Want to make your vinyl album completely your own? Design and upload your custom album covers below. View and edit our free album cover template on Canva to get started.

If using your own design, make sure to upload a .jpg filetype that is 3675px wide by 3675px tall (and leave 1/2in all around for bleed).

Vinyl Record Label Front

(max file size 20 MB)

Vinyl Record Label Back

(max file size 20 MB)