(Dial-In) Virtual Audio Guest Book Solution

Want to give your guests a fun way to participate in your celebration without having to be physically present? With our Virtual Audio Guest Book solution, now you can!

How does the Virtual Audio Guestbook work?

It’s simple! Guests dial in to our virtual audio guestbook phone line and enter a custom 4-digit event code (provided before your event). They’ll be prompted to leave a message with our default greeting, or they’ll hear your recorded voice if you choose to upload a custom greeting.

How is this different from the Audio Guestbook Phone?

Our Audio Guestbook Phone is a physical phone, where you pick up the handset, hear the greeting and leave a message. While this is the perfect live addition to your event, our virtual guestbook phone lets guests who couldn’t make it in person participate in the fun as if they were there live.

Customizable voicemail greeting

We can customize the voicemail that callers hear just like with our Audio Guestbook Phone. Callers will hear your personalized greeting, and can leave their thoughts, wishes, advice and more after the beep. Don’t want to record your voice? Not to worry, our default vintage-style operator greeting has you covered.

Whether you rent them together or standalone, your guests will be able to dial in from anywhere in the world to our toll-free number. The virtual phone line will be valid starting two days before your rental start date and ending two days after your end date. At the end of your wedding or event, all of your messages will be collected (together if you rented both the physical audio guestbook and the digital audio guestbook) and shared with you as a digital download. If you opted for our custom MP4 Waveform Messages, all of your messages will be turned into individual MP4s for easy, visual playback and sharing to social media.

Call our Virtual Audio Guestbook line!

Want to give our audio guestbook line a spin? Call +1 855-934-3556 and enter event code 9009 when prompted to leave us a voicemail (Toll-free across North America)

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