Free Audio Guestbook Rental

Yes, you read that right! A free Audio Guestbook Phone Rental for your wedding or event.

So, the question now, is what’s the catch? Read on!

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Why a free audio guestbook?

Since launching in 2022, we have already helped nearly 100 clients create amazing memories using our Audio Guestbook phones. Every single one of them rave about how fun and beautiful it was seeing their guests crying, laughing, and leaving heartwarming messages for them to listen to. And our heart warms too every time we get to read one of these testimonials.

But you know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words! And we need all the pictures (and videos) we can get!

More precisely, we are looking for professional and high-quality photos and videos of:

  • Guests using/interacting with the Audio Guestbook
  • The Audio Guestbook set up with surrounding decor (staged)

In addition to the professional photo/video content, we are also looking for you to share the love online by tagging us @theaudioguestbookco on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok when posting photos/videos to your page or stories.

Do I qualify?

Eligibility requires only one thing: Your rental must be for an event happening between now and April 2023.

How to get a free audio guestbook?

Now that you know why, let’s talk how!

Claiming your free Audio Guestbook rental is easy. First, the disclaimer…. you will have to initially pay for your rental, just like everyone else. We know you are probably good for your word, but even the best of us forgets, and we can’t afford to give everything away!

If you successfully complete all 5 steps mentioned below, you will receive credit up to the full rental price paid (less any add-ons), in the form of an Amazon e-gift card.

  1. To get started, visit our Audio Guestbook Rental page. Select your date(s) and add any optional add-ons to your cart.
    Please note this offer is only valid on the Audio Guestbook rental base rate and not applicable for any optional add-ons. Valid dates include events occurring between now and April 2023.
  2. At checkout, enter coupon code freephone – the code won’t change the price, but will let us know you are interested in claiming the discount.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to hit up your photographer or videographer and let them know you want them to get some good photos/videos of the audio guestbook in action (see below for ideas). Make sure to get proper permission so we can use the all the photos/vids afterwards.
  4. On your wedding/event day, tag @theaudioguestbookco in any posts or stories shared to Instagram, TikTok or Facebook where the audio guestbook is featured.
  5. After the party is over, simply follow our instructions for returning your phone, and we’ll be in touch with your audio messages. Within 2 months of your event, send us proof of any tags, email over any photos/videos received (dropbox, drive & wetransfer all work great for sharing) and leave us some love on Google.

Checklist (and what it's worth)

Ideas for good photo & video content

Not sure what content qualifies, or what you would even take photos/videos of?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Guests standing around smiling and taking about the audio guestbook phone (it’s a conversation starter for sure!)
  • People partying with the phone taking center stage
  • Guests crying/laughing/having a good time leaving their message on the phone
  • Full video clips of a guest message (which we can later pair with their actual recording!)
  • Photos of the phone set and staged along with the rest of the decor
  • People dancing/having a good time around the phone
  • Make the Audio Guestbook the center piece and incorporate your wedding rings, etc into the photos
  • Use your imagination or ask your photographer/videographer for inspiration+
In order for your photos and videos to qualify, they need to be high enough quality to use on our website and to share on social. We’ll have the final say as to whether they are useable or not, but the more you provide, the more credit you’ll be likely to receive!