After the Tone vs The Audio Guestbook™ – Which Audio Guestbook is better?

When it comes to selecting the best audio guestbook phone for your wedding or event, there are a lot of choices on the market now. But in this post we are going to talk about the two biggest contenders: After the Tone, and The Audio Guestbook!

Why After the Tone?

After the Tone has been around since 2019, and started shipping their phones since going viral on TikTok in 2021. In fact, they call themselves The original vintage phone audio guestbook. They offer a great service for couples to experience the joys of capturing their guest’s authentic audio memories for future playback. They are a huge contender in the audio guestbook rental space, seeing as they have the most likes across social media and unless you’ve been living under a rock, they are generally the name people associate with an audio guestbook.

Why The Audio Guestbook™?

The Audio Guestbook™ started its journey a bit later in 2022 as technology evolved and we saw a way to do what others did, only much better. Like After the Tone, The Audio Guestbook was built out of necessity to give the thousands of couples from our sister company (Flashbulb Memories) a way to celebrate the joys of their special occasions with beautiful audio memories. However, unlike After the Tone, The Audio Guestbook never went viral on TikTok 😆 – but it’s certainly not without merit. At The Audio Guestbook Co, we are doing something no other company is, and we’re doing it better than all the rest with the best-in-class customer service that our clients have come to adore. How you say? Read on!

How the Two Competitors Stack Up:

There’s no doubt that each company and audio guestbook has their own strengths, but we feel like the match isn’t even close. Of course, you can be the judge of that 😉 (Hint: Smiles are good, frowns are bad)

Features/BenefitsThe Audio Guestbook™After the Tone
Instant online rental (no waiting for a quote)😁🙁
Guaranteed phone color reservation😁🙁
Message delivery within 48hrs of receiving your phone😁🙁
Your custom voicemail greeting played when guests pickup the phone😁🙁
Guaranteed date availability😁🙁
Four days of rental included😁🙁
Best price audio guestbook phone rental😁🙁
Best price virtual dial-in audio guestbook😁🙁
Best customer service😁🙁
Get live help by phone, chat, or email any time!😁🙁
All-day (or week) audio recording with unlimited messages😁🙁
Multiple products/ways to enjoy your messages after your event😁🙁
Reserve your phone up to two years out😁🙁
Sharable video waveform MP4 versions of your messages available😁🙁
Sexier branding and higher spend on advertising🙁😁
The most standard phone color choices offered (but not guaranteed)🙁😁

So which is better? The Audio Guestbook™ or After the Tone?

We don’t know about you, but we think the list above pretty much speaks for itself. In fact, if our phones could talk, they would probably brag about themselves so much that your guests would never have time to leave a message. Thankfully, our phones don’t talk, they are highly skilled at listening and enjoy a good story, gossip and loving words! Need to find out for yourself which option is best for you and your event?

Give us a call and then give After the tone a cal…. oh wait, they don’t have a phone number. 🙄

No busy tones here. Just unlimited entertainment for you, courtesy of your guests and The Audio Guestbook phone!

Our operators are standing by waiting to make your wedding or party one to remember.