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The Audio Guestbook™ is jam-packed with features to make using the phone super easy and to make deploying them in the field fast and efficient. Here’s a rundown of everything you can expect from the current software and hardware (V3).

Automatic Sync over Wifi

No need to remove your baseplate and plug your phone into your modem. And no SD cards or USB slots to fiddle with. Simply power the phone on within range of your WiFi router and your files will automatically sync to your computer.

Automatic Backups

All of your recordings are automatically backed up to your device as they take place, ensuring full data fidelity in the event of something catastrophic.

Safe shutdown button

A safe shutdown button ensures your phone properly shuts down and finishes processing any remaining audio or mp4 files. Without it, data corruption and software glitches can damage your phone. Once powered off, all LEDs will turn off indicating the phone is safe to unplug.

WAV optimized audio files

Raw WAV audio files have been fully optimized for the best possible sound quality, while simultaneously reducing the potential for background noise from loud music nearby.

Exclusive Affiliate Program

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Facebook Community

Join our Facebook community to interact with other owners and learn tips, tricks, and get advice on making the most out of your purchase.

LED Indicator light

A white LED light shows on the device once powered up and ready to record. During a recording, the LED will blink slowly to indicate a recording is in action.

Battery powered

The Audio Guestbook™ works with any standard USB-C wall outlet, or portable Battery pack. Add a 20,000mAh portable battery to record for up to 12 hours continually.

Customizable greeting enhancements

Upload any custom greeting, and even configure options like whether to automatically play a ringtone, or a beep after the greeting.

Customizable Color shells

You have 8 readily available color choices that can easily be swapped out by unscrewing four screws on the bottom of your device. That means one base will give you tons of flexibility for all of your client's preferences.

Rotary or Dialpad Shell

Choose between a GPO 746 Rotary style or Push-Button style phone shell to fit yours and your client's preferences. Custom shells are available by request, but may require custom configuration.

Unlimited Message Length

By default, we ship all our phones with a 2.5 minute message recording length, but you can easily update this to be as short/long as you would like! Our warning signal will play when the recording limit is reached so guests know just what to do.

Custom warning message

Upload a custom warning message that signals guests their recording is cone and it's time to hang up the phone. Super useful when guests don't hang up the phone properly, which can result in any number of lost recordings without it.

Two Way Cloud Sync

Sync your custom voicemail message to your device simply by dragging it into your phone's folder while connected to WiFi. Your messages will sync back automatically to the same folder.

Automatic MP4 Waveform

Set the option to automatically have MP4 waveforms created for you live, eliminating the need for any post-processing at all. Customization options include waveform color, a custom background image, and even a logo overlay.

Custom software & framework

Our devices use top-quality proprietary tech and software to ensure flawless, repeated operation. They have been used at hundreds of events worldwide and have proven to be 100% reliable throughout.

The Audio Guestbook™ Branding

Represent the best. Your phone includes The Audio Guestbook™ branding on the bottom to let clients know you are using the best audio guestbook phone out there. You'll receive limited permission to use our trademarked device in marketing your services.

Marketing Photos

Get access to specially licensed photos of The Audio Guestbook™ phone to use in your own marketing materials. Stay tuned for even more great options coming soon to help you sell this awesome service to more clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What makes The Audio Guestbook™ phone better than any other "audio guestbook phones"?

Too many things to count. But here’s what we believe is the most important one: RELIABILITY! Our tech has been stress tested at hundreds of events where the phones were left to run completely unattended and were setup by clients without us ever needing to be present. We are confident that our tech, combined with our quality control of each component we use, will ensure flawless events time after time.

Will your phone include any branding?

Yes, our devices are embossed with The Audio Guestbook™ on the bottom of every device so you and your clients know they are getting a brand they can trust. You have a limited-license to use the name The Audio Guestbook only in marketing the phone and can make no claims about it being exclusive, or an owned intellectual property. 

How do I change the phone colors?

Simply unscrew the four Phillips head screws on the bottom of the device to swap out the top shell with any color of your choice. New shells can readily be ordered on Amazon, and through other retailers.

How do I access the audio files?

You’ll get a link to download your cloud sync software, along with a custom code to connect uniquely to your device. Once linked, you’ll have access to transfer files between that device and The Audio Guestbook™. You can sync with multiple computers, including both Windows & Mac.

How do I connect to my WiFi network?

When the checkout form is ready, we’ll request your WiFi network SSID name and Password. Your phone will arrive pre-programmed to automatically connect once it has been powered on. If for some reason your network name or password changes, we’ll help you quickly get a new one set locally. 

How much will it all cost?

Pricing is not yet solidified, but we promise that it will be 100% worth it. With an average payback period of just 3-6 events, you’ll pay off your original investment quickly and keep your clients coming back for more.